* Account
		o Sign up/Confirmation - ON HOLD (Will need to rework PDO stuff on step 2)
		o Login/Logout
		o Password Recovery
		o Edit Account Settings - ON HOLD (Waiting for forums)
			+ Change Password
			+ Change Forum Settings
	* Gameplay Back-end
		o Blood taker
		o Blood/Money/Ghoul/Lamiae giver
	* Navigation
	* Skills
	* Feeding
		o Healing - Healing takes time.
	* Attacks
	* Markets
		o Items
			+ Guns (Ghoul defense)
			+ Blood (Running low?)
			+ Armor (Ghoul defense)
	* Auctions - MAYBE...
	* Trade System - Help your neighbor
	* Property System
		o Map
		o Properties
			+ Blood Banks
				# Cost = ((Banks*(Banks+1)/2)+1)*10000
				# Upgrades = $10,000/level
			+ Clubs
				# Cost = ((Clubs*(Clubs+1)/2)+1)*25000
				# Upgrades = $25,000/level
			+ Churchs
				# Cost = ((Churchs*(Churchs+1)/2)+1)*50000
				# Upgrades = $50,000/level
	* Gangs/Coterie
	* Blood Consumption
		o Consume 1U/5mins at full health
		o When you don't own any blood, you lose 0%-1.25% of your health/5mins
		o When your health is lower than 100%, you will automatically consume
			2U-3U of blood per 5mins to regain +0%-5% of your health until fully
	* Forums
	* Private Messages
	* Stats Page
	* Ghoul Blood Consumtion
		o Ghouls drink 0.1U of blood per hour. (Upkeep)
	* Lamiae Blood Consumtion
		o Lams drink 0.5U of blood per hour. (Upkeep)

		o Feeding frenzy - If you are reduced to 0% health. You enter a feeding
		frenzy and are unable to preform any actions for 6 hours while you feed
		to regain your health. Being attacked in this time cause all enemy
		attacks to succeed.
		o Brood Recuiting - You can only have so many ghouls/lamiae per property to
		make a combined total. Lamiae get bonuses to defense while ghouls get
		bonuses to offense.
		o Map Flavor Text - Initially you live in a sewer. You are unable to attack
		with ghouls/lamiae. Once you come above ground you must pay all the money in
		your bank to have your Safehouse built. Once your Safehouse is built, you
		can begin recruiting/attacking/making money etc. Before you have a Safehouse
		is when you are in "Newbie Mode."
		o Avatars - Players will be able to select from a list of avatar pictures or
		upload their own. This avatar picture will then be attached to thier forum,
		message and stats pages.

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